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Security Network Management

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Going Further

Security Network Management is a company that goes a lot further than simply responding to your security needs. By being proudly proactive and providing a full spectrum of security solutions, we're able to meet our commitment to protecting and growing the two assets we consider most valuable: our employees and clients.

24/7 Communication

All our Security Officers are in 24/7 communication with our top management and Response Vehicles. Site reports are done throughout the day and night on regular basis by the Security Officer. Sites are visited regularly throughout the day and night by our supervisors. Your business premises are also patrolled on regular and random occasions by the Security Officers on duty and a report is entered into the Occurrence Book to keep record of all happenings and events on your Business premises.

Personal Services

Develop security systems and solutions for specific client needs. CCTV on-site and off monitoring by specifically trained security personnel. Regular site inspections by management will ensure that high levels of performance and services are maintained. Executive close protection personnel (bodyguards) are specifically trained to ensure your safety. Provide corporate guarding service to factories, warehouses, retail manufacturers and wholesalers Conduct investigations for the purpose of criminal and civil actions. Our investigative unit are able to provide an accurate and reliable background screening service for our clients. The unit specifically focuses on uncovering the truth to provide your company with the necessary intelligence material needed to manage your activities and staff


Security Management Services
Security Services
Executive Security Services,Corporate Guarding, Home Security,Investigative Services,Visible policing/Patrolling of premises,Access control of your premises,Guest Management,Intercom Management where required,Security Monitoring,Personal Protection,Camera Monitoring,CCTV Installations,CCTV Monitoring,Electrical Fencing,Alarm Installations, Alarm Monitoring,Alarm Response

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24/7 Response

We are always available!

24/7 Surveilance

We keep track of our guards and can always tell you where they where every minute of their guard duty.

24/7 Support

Our state of the art control room are always manned.

Premium Features

We keep ourselves up to date with what is going on in the security world. We care about you our client.

Modern Gadgets

We love new technology, and are always on the lookout for new trends.


Not only are we dedicated to you our clients, but we treat our personnel with the utmost respect and do pur best to keep them.

Our Team

R Bresler

Senior Management

F van Ghent

Senior Response Officer

Security is his bread and butter

Jane H. Jain

2nd Level Guard

One of our best!

M. Arman


Sweeney se alie - die ou is vinnig


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